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2-Step Membership Application

The co-op has settled on a 2 step membership application to streamline the process and ensure clear communication of rights and responsibilities.

  1. Letter of Intent

  2. Membership Application and Agreement

The Plan

The co-op will build a biogas digester at member dairies to increase revenue for the farmer and mitigate emission problems. The cooperative needs to:

  1. Qualify dairies for the program,

  2. Determine the appropriate site and size of the biogas digester system at the member dairy,

  3. Perform the necessary design, engineering, permitting, etc., to make the project shovel ready,

  4. And then begin construction before the end of 2024, finishing as soon as possible.

The Process

Steps 3 and 4 will require significant expenditure from the cooperative. We are asking the dairy to provide a site and feedstock (flushed manure) for the system - a substantial and necessary contribution - and the cooperative will then finance, build, own and operate, with all net profits returned to our members Therefore, we are taking a two step approach for our farmers.

To begin, a Letter of Intent

  1. The dairy tells us they are interested,

  2. US&R Services prepares a feasibility report - usually after a phone interview and Google map aerial review, and then,

  3. We come on site to determine the appropriate site and dimensions of the system.

  4. The farmer then signs a Letter of Intent to continue. This LOI will confirm the prospective member understands and agrees to the plan for their farm.

Then, the Membership Application and Agreement,

  1. The Co-op will design, engineer, and do the work necessary to make the project ready for construction. This will be the point at which the farmer will become a member of the cooperative.

  2. The farmer will commit to membership and beginning design work.

  3. There is no cost to the member, but they will agree to reimburse the cooperative if they do not subsequently continue.

  4. The Membership Application and Agreement will clearly spell this out.

Tuesdays@10. Be sure to Zoom in to our regular weekly call for more information.

Biogas Digester Tour. Also be sure to let us know if you plan on joining the tour on thee 17th.

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