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Updated: Jun 17

A lot of activity is occurring behind the scenes as our buying group makes progress toward starting construction of onsite dairy biogas systems by the end of this year We are starting a weekly Zoom meeting to keep you up to date. Tuesdays at 10 AM.

Click or save the link below or make sure we have your mobile number by clicking here.... We'll send you a reminder Tuesday morning.

It's always a good idea to log in early to make sure you can connect. You can use your smart phone or desktop computer.

These will be open meetings so any dairy interested in our progress is welcome to attend. We intend that these will be short and informal, maximum 30 minutes, so the dairy farmer can listen in while attending to farm chores. The format will be a short presentation on items of interest followed by Q&A from those on the line. The meeting will end when all questions are answered, no later than 10:30. We can hold a 2nd meeting at noon for those that wish to continue the conversation.

Feel free to use the form above for any questions or feedback or click here.....

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