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COWPOWR Interest List

Thank-you for your interest in COWPOWR.  Here is what you can expect after you join the interest list.

  1. We will send a confirmation email after you submit the information below.  Call (866) COW-POWR (866-269-7697) if your confirmation is not received.

  2. You will be placed on our interest list.

  3. We will then follow-up to answer any questions and gather information specific to a potential biogas project.  All information is kept confidential and there is no obligation.

  4. The next step will be a visit to your dairy to access the feasibility of a biogas project.  There is no financial requirement, just your ability to provide manure and a site for the project. The COWPOWER plan is to build, own and operate the biogas system at no cost to the dairy.  You will not be required to maintain the biogas system.  All profits go to our dairies.

  5. Finally, if you approve, we will submit your dairy for a project. 

Sign up for the Membership Interest List

All information is kept confidential.  There is no obligation.

(866) COW-POWR

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