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Biogas Digester Tour and Site Visits

Two things to cover at our Tuesdays@10 meeting. A tour of a working biogas digester and site visits to begin planning a system at your farm.

We have a regular meeting every Tuesday at 10 - 10:30 AM. This is your opportunity to keep updated and ask questions. You can connect by cell phone or desktop computer, or just listen in while working.

Tour - April 17th

We're organizing a biogas digester plant tour at a dairy with 1400 cows south of Fresno.

There are several different types of biogas digesters, all basically doing the same thing, allowing dairy manure to decompose - digest - in an enclosed environment. This particular system is built like a large box, low in the ground, with a hard roof. It is the most widely used design across the country for a number of reasons, including it's smaller footprint, lower maintenance, quicker manure digestion, better compost/bedding product, and steady biogas output. Several systems of this design have been built in the Central Valley, both for smaller farms and as a central digester for multiple dairies.

Click the link to let us know if you are interested in touring this biogas system on the 17th.

Site Visits

We expect to begin site visits the following week, April 22 - 26, The purpose of the visit will be to determine the size and location of a biogas system at your dairy. The next step will be a geotechnical evaluation of the soil at that location by an engineering firm, followed by plan preparation.

Several dairies have been evaluated over the phone with reference to the Google aerial view of their facility and have received a recommendation report. This needs to be completed prior to the site visit. Click the link above if you need this evaluation or if you are not sure if it has been done.

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