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A Good and Productive Week

The week ending April 19nd was a good and productive week for our group.

  • We toured a working biogas digester system at a 1200 cow dairy.

  • We were able to determine sites for a biogas digester system at 4 of our interested dairies.

  • We are over half-way to our initial goal of 10 dairies / 10,000 cows.

A good group was able to tour the biogas system in Riverdale. Included in the group making the 2 hour trip were 7 dairies and 3 of our board members, as well as members of our planning group from the Sacramento area. Our gracious host showed us everything, from manure screening to digester operations to final solids separation. Our farmers found it very useful to visualize how a system would look and operate at their dairy.

We were able to make extended visits to 4 of our interested dairies the next day for the purpose of siting and sizing a system. The digester is a large concrete box built into the ground, about 16 feet deep, so a geotechnical report is our next step. Our system designer will prepare plans and a budget for our board.

Our initial goal was to have biogas systems under construction at 10 dairies with a total of 10,000 cows by the end of the year. Our current group includes 4 dairies with over 6,000 cows. We are now able to add the next group of dairies to our pipeline.

Feel free to attend our weekly Tuesdays@10 conference call for further updates and to ask questions.

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