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This Has Never Been Done Before

Cooperatives aren't new. Neither are Biogas Digesters. According to Dairy Cares, there are over 220 dairy digester projects in California. Dairy digester projects have proliferated to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with manure disposal. Financial incentives from California and the Federal Government have fueled biogas digester development. The goal is to reduce methane emissions from flushed manure lagoons. These incentives are substantial and have encouraged private developers to build biogas systems in California, and as far away as New York!

What is new is developing a business model that funnels all profits back to the dairy farmer. The team at COWPOWR spent the past month working on the details of that model. We call it the Virtual Biogas Digester System. Our farmer members believed it was important to get this right before accepting dairies into the program.

Our next step is approving our membership application. Dairies will then be able to apply and begin the process of increasing income for their farm.

To obtain a copy of the Virtual Biogas Digester plan, provide your name and email address after clicking the button below.

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