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Welcome to COWPOWR

Changing Cow Manure into Sustainable Clean Energy

Additional Income for Family Dairies

At No Cost

All Profits Go to Our Dairies

About Us

COWPOWR is about a group of dairy farms that are combining their resources to build, own, and operate income producing biogas systems. Our purpose is changing cow manure into sustainable clean energy and financial positives for our members and our communities.

The Challenge

California is the #1 milk-producing state in the nation, generating over $57 billion in economic activity. California's dairy farmers support their local communities by generating jobs and economic activity, and lead the way in addressing climate change. However, California dairies find themselves under tremendous regulatory and economic pressure from complicated environmental policies.  Extensive job and economic losses result when dairies are forced to close or relocate out of state, and this would be a failure for climate and environmental goals.


Biogas systems can be an answer to this challenge.

The Opportunty

For over a year, an informal volunteer working group has been studying the technical, legal, financial, and regulatory viability of setting up biogas digesters on smaller scale dairy farms.  Members include Dairy Farmers and experts in Ag, Energy, Finance and Regulatory Affairs.  COWPOWR is developing a list of dairies interested in this opportunity.  Our dairies will receive substantial additional income with no upfront cost.

Deeper Dive...

COWPOWR is a program to increase dairy income through biogas systems. Current incentives for dairy biogas systems are extensive but time limited. Our focus is enabling as many dairies as possible to participate.

US&R Services is preparing dairies for this opportunity. US&R is managed by Charles R. Toca, an energy consultant with many years experiance developing energy projects. He is a founding member of the Nurseryman's Power Cooperative, the BioEnergy Producers Assoc., and an organizer of the California Electric Users Cooperative - an agricultural cooperative that had 14 agricultural cooperatives as members

COWPOWR is not selling digesters or other services. Dairies are under no obligation. COWPOWR will expedite the process for dairies to participate in the program.

Dairies who join the Interest List will have a head start to participate in biogas income opportunities specific to their operation. Dairies who delay may miss the opportunities afforded by state and federal incentives expiring in 2024.


California passed climate legislation (AB1383) that requires a 40% reduction in methane emissions from dairy farms.  Some dairies are also under pressure to improve ground water quality.  Manure biogas digesters are an effective method to dramatically reduce emissions and improve water quality.


Manure digesters are very expensive to build and maintain.  This caused many farms to abandon their early digester projects.  However, recent Federal tax legislation, California dairy digester grants, and government emission credits cover nearly all the cost of construction and can provide significant annual income.


Many dairies flush their manure into open lagoons.  This keeps the dairy clean, prevents run off into local water sources, conserves water, and provides natural fertilizer for dairy feed crops. However, the natural process of decomposition also produces methane.

An enclosed system captures this methane for clean energy. This also reduces odor, wastewater issues, and provides additional useful by-products like natural fertilizer and bedding for dairy cows.


A business plan is being finalized to aggregate many dairies together into one large biogas business.  This effort will achieve economies of scale to obtain funding, hire experts, build and operate the digesters and market the biogas.  All profits are then distributed to the dairies.

COWPOWR is preparing dairies to participate as soon as possible.


A manure digester/biogas system is a huge positive for the local community.  Emissions and odors are greatly reduced by the enclosed system.  Groundwater quality is improved thrpugh nutrient recovery.  Dairy jobs are retained and biogas jobs created. And, replacing diesel fuel with biogas reduces pollution from large trucks.


COWPOWR is developing a list of interested dairies.  If your dairy is in the Central Valley, you utilize flush lagoons, and if have the space to host a biogas system, then you could benefit from COWPOWR..


Click the button below to be placed on our interest list.  There is no obligation and no cost.  However, current financial incentives are limited, so consideration must be on a first come basis.

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